Sunday, February 26, 2017

The "Typical Nazi Movie General" (humor)

If you watch war WWII films from the 40's through even today, you will see at least one of these stereotypes included in almost every movie.

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Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI....
** UNDERSTAND who the Dems just put in charge.  And the Islamist ally Keith Ellison is
in the right-hand chair.  The more I see what the Democrats are doing, the more I am
convinced they have become - been intentionally transformed! - into the party of high
** Say, remember Barackus saying Romney was paranoid for viewing Russia as an adversary?
** Dated, but still an excellent picture showing the deception - at least, one instance thereof.  Tying in
with that:
** Truly excellent insights into Islamic "Sacred Deception" along with actual doctrinal citations.  READ
** Title: Poland to Muslims, Jesus is King, now get out! USA needs to watch this!
>> This woman has MORE BALLS than most of the Democrats combined.
** Title: Muslim shows her true colors after selfie
>> The girl who did this was a vile anti-Semite.  Taquiyya.  Pure and simple.  And the enemedia
sucked it up.  And the narrator echoes my very point about the racism of the Left, holding Muslims
to a far, far, far lower standard than Westerners.
** Dreaming... but it would be HIGHLY illuminating.  Given that DNA samples can be taken from discarded items,
I WONDER (musing).  And let's suppose it could be done, and was done, and it turned out that "Frank" was,
in fact, Obama's father (or, at least, that Barack Obama is definitively NOT related to a man KNOWN to be
his half-brother from his claimed father) - wouldn't that be yet another egg on the enemedia's face for
fellating the man during his initial campaign without any critical inquiry whatsoever?
** Flip this.  Imagine Hillary won.  *shudder*  And Trump people did this.  They'd be mocked
mercilessly - and rightfully so.  But liberals do this and... crickets.  


Thursday, February 23, 2017

♫♫ Set The Turntable Back To The 70's... Anyone Remember The Strawbs? ♫♫

Phil Asked For Some Melons.....

That Moment, When All The Programming, Set-Up and Prove Out Comes Together...

  Then you realize you have almost an hour cycle time to step back and relax.

and no, there is no Baileys or Jamesons in that coffee.

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Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things....

From AFOI.....
>> MORE than a little disjointed, and IMHO there's an awful lot of speculation here presented as harder fact, but
if even a fraction of this is true... it's terrifying.  AND, what if it's ALL true?  (E.g., pay attention to a
couple of things: 20:45.  The ad for the pizza "club" is... vile.  And then following, the pictures of Podesta
and another guy match the artist rendering from a kidnapping in Portugal where it was apparently documented they
were at the time.)
** Divide and conquer.  It works both ways.
** Questions the MSM should have asked, but didn't... the difference between "R" and "D".  Related:
** More:
** They destroyed themselves.
** The influx needs to be stopped, and the outflow needs to begin.  By any means necessary.
** The Establishment doesn't want to go along.  Too busy feeding at the trough.

** Because they are MISSIONARIES.  They are on the side of RIGHT and LIGHT and ALL THAT IS GOOD.
Therefore, since they are fighting unrelenting evil (that'd be Conservatives) EVERYTHING is
on the table for their actions.
** Such a charming culture.  Let's bring them in by the metric f*ckton - what could go wrong?
And note: they'd been there TEN YEARS.  And had not even adapted to the idea that you don't
kill family members????
** MUST READ on how the Left shapes language to control us.
** These Elites, assuming they believe what they spew, are totally delusional and divorced from reality.
** I think the single biggest thing that really irks me about "the consensus" is the HUBRIS
of thinking everything is that well understood.    

At That Moment, All Was Well....

Looks Like They Are Bringing Target Practice Back To School.....


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Same Agency Would "Barbecue" Your Ass For Possessing A Rifle Or Shotgun 1/4" Too Short:

"A government out of control", "shadow government", "deep state" are terms that instantly come to mind when I read something like this!

The ATF filled a secret bank account with millions of dollars in a shadowy cigarette sales scheme. The secret account is at the heart of federal racketeering lawsuit brought by a collective group of tobacco farmers who say they were swindled out of 24 million dollars. A pair of ATF informants received at least a million dollars each from that sum, records show. This operation WAS NOT authorized by the Department of Justice.

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